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Incontinence Clamp

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Dribblestop Incontinence Clamp Kit

Dribblestop Incontinence Clamp Kit

For Severe Dribble : Male Urinary Incontinence is a medical condition that affects millions of men from all around the world. Some experience partial loss of bladder control, while others may have continuous bladder leakage. Men may experience Urinary Incontinence as a result of prostate problems, or could experience nerve damage that leads to Urinary Incontinence. Used for a Severe Dribble Prostate Problems The...
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Regain Incontinence Clamp

Regain Incontinence Clamp

For Mild Dribble: Shown here in its closed position, the Regain Incontinence Clamp applies gentle pressure to the underside of the penis, stopping the flow of urine so you don’t leak.   Used for a Mild Dribble The Regain’s unique design provides continence control that’s effective, comfortable and easy to use. It’s made of materials that have been carefully chosen to enhance your...
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Help for Urinary Incontinence in Men


There are many solutions for managing urinary incontinence in men.  Since the cause of the problem may be related to the health of the prostate, it is important to visit your doctor before attempting to manage or treat the problem on your own.


An incontinence clamp is one of the devices that are used to help manage urinary incontinence in men.  A doctor or qualified professional should instruct the man on how to use the device.  It is sometimes recommended following prostate surgery, as most men find it difficult or impossible to stop the stream of urine. 


Penis clamps are placed around the penis and is tightened to put pressure on the urethra, preventing urine leakage.  They should be left in place for no longer than two hours before being removed to empty the bladder.  Leaving the device in place for a longer period of time can result in infection or irritation. 


Some consider the device preferable to adult diapers, but there are drawbacks.  Depending on the material they are made of, they can be uncomfortable.  Skin irritation and swelling is not uncommon.  There have been cases of scarring within the urethra, due primarily to being left in place too long or tightened too tightly.


The average price of an incontinence clamp is between $159 and $89.  Brands available include the Dribble-stop, which is different from other brands, in that it is smaller and designed for easy use. 


Urinary incontinence in men is not uncommon, although it is a little more common in women.  When the condition is not due to prostate surgery, injury or illness, the cause is a loosening or breakdown of the sphincter muscles. 


Kegel exercises help in some cases.  They’re not just for women.  The ability to improve the firmness of the pelvic, rectal and sphincter muscles apply to both sexes.


A penis clamp should be made out of soft plastic covered in medical quality foam.  If any discomfort is experienced, the use of the device should be discontinued.  If pain or irritation persists, a doctor should be consulted. 


There has been some success with the use of prescription drugs, herbal remedies and nutritional therapy.  A doctor of naturopathic medicine would be familiar with all of the different therapies, both traditional and alternative. 


Urinary incontinence in men should not be ignored or blamed on the aging process.  Help is available.