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Skin Care Swisa Beauty

Swisa Beauty™ Skin Care, supplies high quality nourishing beauty products and services to clients and distributors worldwide. The company goal is to provide women and men with nail and skin care products that are as wonderful and luxurious as they are natural and healthy by using only the finest ingredients from nature.


Swisa Beauty™ Skin Care has created an exceptional line of Dead Sea Sensation products that blend the sensual pleasures of aromatic oils with the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea Minerals. The Dead Sea has been an eternal source of health-promoting and balancing elements, and is universally known to have an inexhaustible wealth of valuable natural minerals. Situated 1300 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth--where things like pollution and harmful solar radiation cease to exist. For years many people have traveled across the world to bathe in the Dead Sea . Swisa Beauty has brought the best of the Dead Sea to the United States for the first time so people can now utilize the benefits from the comfort of their own homes. Rich in life-enhancing minerals, the Dead Sea salts and mud have been acclaimed throughout the ages for their extraordinarily valuable effect on the skin, face and even on stressed nerves.

  1. Simple is key here. You need to find a good cleanser that your skin responds well to, and stick with it.
  2. Exfoliation is the step most people skip in their weekly skincare routine. But trust me, if you start properly exfoliating your skin, you will notice an almost immediate difference.
  3. A basic law of beauty is that everyone, no matter her skin type, should moisturize.
  4. The number 1 cause of wrinkles is sun damage, so it's important to use sunscreen from your early years on even in winter and on cloudy days. A great trick is to purchase two moisturizers: one for night and one for da.