Incontinence Pads and Pills Cause Damage

Urinary incontinence is a condition that affects a significant number of people. It is prevalent among new mothers and starts appearing as both men and women get older. Incontinence occurs when the pelvic floor muscles become weak and are unable to control urine flow from the bladder. There are several solutions to this problem. Incontinence pads and pills are some of the most common of the solutions that one can have for this problem. As much as these solutions help, they have some side effects, which can cause significant damage to the user. 

Side Effects of Incontinence Pills

incontinence pillsIncontinence pills, also known as bladder-control medications, are anticholinergic. Examples include fesoterodine, tolterodine, and trospium among others.
The side effects include:

  • Dry mouth

  • Blurred vision

  • Impaired memory
  • Heartburn

  • Urinary retention

  • Constipation

  • Tachycardia

These side effects can be mild to severe depending on the dosage. The good thing is that some doses are in extended release form. These suffice if taken as one dose in a day, meaning that there will be fewer side effects. On the other hand, immediate-release versions have more side effects due to the frequency of intake. There is also a third option of this medication in cream form for application on the skin. This option may cause skin irritation, which is another side effect.

Side Effects of Incontinence Pads

incontinence padsIncontinence pads are tiny, absorbent impermeable sheets, with multiple layers used to keep urinary incontinence at bay. Most of the side effects of incontinence pads arise from is the dampness that they may gather. The side effects include:

  1. Bacteria thrive in a wet environment; hence, increased chances of infections.

  2. Itching of the genital areas for both men and women

  3. Unpleasant smell

  4. Unusually thick discharge in women

  5. Vaginal yeast infection

  6. Pain while urinating (caused by infection)

  7. Rashes

The most severe side effect of damp incontinence pads is getting an infection. To avoid this side effect, doctors recommend regular changing of disposable incontinence pads.(Costly)

Potential Damages by Incontinence Pads and Pills on Genitals

The side effects caused by incontinence pads and pills can be detrimental if left unchecked for a long time. For the genital area to be healthy, there must be a balance between natural fluid and good bacteria. However, the presence of incontinence pads and use of some incontinence pills may alter this balance. For this reason, infections development cause many other complications. Some of these complications may cause sickness and require medical attention as soon as possible. 

Despite the potential side effects and damages that these incontinence solutions may have, they are still essential. They are a simpler solution to incontinence than surgery and they are penile incontinence clamps for men. To minimize the problems associated with these solutions, following instructions to the letter is the best thing to do. For the incontinence pads, always change and clean them regularly to keep infections at bay. In addition, you should seek medical advice in case of any discomfort during the usage of the incontinence products. 

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penile clamps
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