Women Urinate Standing Up

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The P-Mate is a disposable cardboard device that allows women to discreetly stand up and neatly pee like a man.  Eliminates dropping your drawers to use unsanitary port-a-potties and public facilities. 

Why take a risky or undignified squat in the field?  When men find themselves without bathroom facilities, they merely turn their backs for privacy.  Now this can be true for women, too! 

Use the P-Mate in portable or public toilets, at outdoor festivals and concerts, on nature excursions, in sporting events, during pregnancy, while recovering from surgery or for other medical conditions, and in planes, trains, and automobiles. 

Women deserve the discretion, hygiene and dignity that the P-mate provides.  Don’t risk health issues by restricting your liquid intake or holding it in.  Use the P-mate. 




Disposable Stand-to-Pee Device


$5.95 per 5 pack


Women!  The P-Mate is for you if you have ever . . .

. found yourself in a dirty, unhygienic bathroom

. had a full bladder with no facilities in sight

. risked being seen while squatting

. peed on your shoes



* No need to undress

* Quick, clean and leak proof

* Folds to fit discreetly in pocket

* Easy use with shorts, pants and skirts

* Store in zip-lock bag for easy disposal





  • Pop open the P-mate by first squeezing the top front, followed by the back triangle along the fold lines (see illustration).


  • Unzip and/or slightly lower the front of your pants (or lift skirts and loose shorts), and move one leg of your underwear to the side.


  • Place the large opening of the P-Mate against your body with the narrow end pointing out.  The sides of the P-mate should surround the flow area completely, and make firm contact with your body. 


  • Straighten your knees and push your bottom backwards, tilting your hips until the tip points slightly down.  Relax and let nature do the rest. 


Stand, be free and pee!


For easy transportation and disposal, fold the P-mate in half and put in zip-lock bag.  Put your used P-mate in the trash.  Do not flush.

The P-Mate is made of environmentally friendly, recyclable material. The P-Mate should be used only once.

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