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Remove the complete set of weights and cone (open cone and clean inside) from your personal carrying case and thoroughly wash with an antibacterial soap (no perfumes) in warm water. (do not use hot water) Thoroughly rinse to remove all soap residues. Now dry your complete set with a clean soft cloth. Be sure to do this prior to each use and clean your carrying case each time. Before starting STEP 2 use the restroom and thoroughly wash your hands.

Close the cone with no weights inside. Hold the cone where the string is located and gently push the cone into your vagina with only the string remaining outside. It may be easier to insert the cone if you prop one of your legs up. After the cone is placed into your vagina you should be able to touch the bottom of the cone with your finger. The cone should be positioned lower than a tampon after inserting. (see images above) Now keep your finger on the bottom of the cone and do a few pelvic exercises. If you are using the correct muscles the cone should move away from your finger and if the cone pushes onto your finger you are contracting the wrong muscles. It may take you a few days or week before locating the correct muscles, but practicing this will make the exercises more effective. Do not push the cone too far into the vagina; this will make your exercises less effective. This is the first part of your exercise program so take your time in locating the correct muscles.


Insert the cone without adding any weight. Stand up and use your pelvic muscles and try to hold the cone in your vagina. If you can retain the cone without difficulties remove the cone and insert the center weight into the cone and close the cone. If you can’t retain the cone without any weights, lay down with your knees up and pull on the string while doing your pelvic exercises trying to hold the cone from being removed. Try tightening your muscles ten to fifteen times, then standing back up and seeing if you can now retain the cone in place. Do this for one week before adding any weight. If it takes too much effort to retain the cone without any weight this is your starting point for using the VagaCare™ vaginal weight set.


Now you’ve located the correct muscles and determine your weight starting point. Let’s get started doing our exercises. While having the cone inserted into the vagina with or without a weight, start doing your exercises trying to lift the cone and allowing it to slip down. Once you have pulled the cone up by your tightening of the pelvic muscles hold for five to ten seconds and relax five to ten seconds. Allow the cone to reposition itself before tightening the muscles again. Do this for fifteen to twenty minutes twice a day four times a week. If at anytime you feel the cone moving upward very easily while holding it still it might be time to add an additional weight. As you control the motion of the cone being pulled up this will help determine when you should add weight. Now move around while doing your exercises so you can learn to have more control. When you feel comfortable with the progress of your exercises add additional weight to make it more difficult to hold the weight up. The more you exercise the faster the results. Everybody’s body is different so don’t get discouraged if it takes you longer to see results. The best way to receive the fastest results is to exercise everyday for six to twelve weeks twice a day. If you have any discomfort from exercising you might be pushing yourself too hard. Slow down and do your exercises not as often. Once you have started the VagaCare™ exercise program and see the results you were looking for, it would be a good idea to continue exercising at least once or twice a week. Remember it is not necessary to use all of the weights to receive results. Find your personal comfort. DOWNLOAD THE HOW TO AND FAQ PDF: click here

How do I know I am using the VagaCare® cones correctly?
Every VagaCare® set comes with clear and complete instructions, complete with images, so you can be sure you are using the vaginal cones and weights to your best benefit. Our helpful and friendly customer service team is also standing by to answer your questions and resolve your concerns, so that you can start seeing the benefits of successful, regular pelvic exercising as soon as possible. As with anything new, please be patient while you grow accustomed to the program.


Be sure to examine the cone, string and weights each time before using. If there is any question to the feel or look of the set, don’t use them and email us using the form below. We offer a limited life time warranty for defects and workmanship under normal use. Your muscles tire towards the end of the day, so you might need to lower your weight if exercising in the evening.

Don’t use the VagaCare® set under the following circumstances:

• don’t use if sensitive to the product

• during or just after intercourse

• while using a tampon or pessary

• you have any type of vaginal infection

• any vaginal, pelvic or genital diseases

• while using a vaginal diaphragm

• having a vaginal pro lapse

• during your menstrual cycle

• during pregnancy

If there is any question about the use of the VagaCare® kegel cones consult your physician.

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