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 In fact, Regains penile clamps have no metal or detached parts. In addition, walk through a metal detector
at airports with ease.

Fine-Tuning strap adjustments for personal comfort.

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penile clamps

Penile Clamps

 Equally important, a significant number of American men suffer from urinary incontinence, and especially those above 60. However,  the new Regain Penile Clamps are here. First, stop concerning yourself with urine dribble. Professionally designed for comfort.

No need to cancel those outings. Rather, gain confidence your leakage dribble is in control. After all, penile clamps are unique devices specially designed to help manage your urinary incontinence. One of theses comfortable penile clamps and hygienic urinary incontinence controller can me yours.

Penile Clamps Advancement

Now, the Regain urinary incontinence penile clamps are one of the most preferred, comfortable clamp to use. With the correct  strap pressure applied to the urethra, you can handle this discomforting condition. Again, it’s made from medically approved materials and safe for daily use. Generally speaking, if you’ve been experiencing some level of urinary incontinence and wondered what you could use to manage this stressful condition, worry no more. For as little as ($12.49), you can secure your own single unit or a three pack.

Urine Leakage

Most of all, urine leakage can result from several conditions, the main being prostate cancer in men. However, other triggers  include, cancer of the bladder, bladder infection and inflammation. Unfortunately, this can be a stressful experience. But, with these modern penile clamps, you now have the solutions to your incontinence issues.

Mild Dribbling VS Continuous Dribble

Fort the most part, intensity of urinary incontinence varies from patient to patient. Usually, some experience mild to continuous dribbling. However, mild cases, for instance, are not as harsh, and can easily be controlled. Continuous Cases, on the other hand, are more severe. Patients find them self struggling daily to manage there leakage. But with our selection of penile clamps, you can now control both cases. In either case, now able to reduce its intensity, and live in confidence.

 Incontinence has attracted a lot of attention, from the medical researchers to expert practitioners. Most striving to find a reliable solution. In fact, it is one of the major health problems causing severe medical and psychological issues today. Of course, it being a sensitive issue. Not to mention, many of its victims suffer in silence. Nevertheless, unaware of where to begin or how to use penile clamps.

But, the good news is, incontinence is quite common today in men. And yet, many still don’t know about these great penile clamps available to them. So, are you or a loved one experiencing incontinence? Let them know we have a solution. Contact us below for help. We are always here to assist you in any questions or concerns.

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