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Peristal, made of a resilient and robust type FDA-approved medical-grade plastic polymer.  The world’s first scientifically designed, and only patented hemorrhoid massagers.  Ultimately, helps increase one’s circulation and address poor pelvic health. Under normal circumstances, it is implicitly indestructible. Most of all, the peristal provides an avenue for personal reflection of self help.


22mm | 20mm | 18mm | 16mm
Gently self-massages the anal PC-sphincter muscles.

The Peristal! Safe, Simple To Use, Truly Revolutionary.


The peristal is a hands-free, self-massaging device that works naturally with the body’s muscle reactions. Peristal is recommended for internal hemorrhoids use only.

Unlike creams, it addresses the problem directly from its roots, providing a long-term solution that can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Most in Important, relieves pain that accompanies hemorrhoids and helps prevent bleeding in shorter periods.

Four specific sizes for reducing hemorrhoids. Provides soothing after effects while massaging.

Unisex, utilizing the body’s peristaltic responses explicitly.

All Natural

Peristal, easy-to-use, non-surgical and comes in 4 sizes. Sold either as a single unit or a complete set. However, for maximum results,  its recommended that users start with the largest model to the smallest. Beginning with 22mm and working your way down to 16mm.

Peristal massagers are best suited for minor hemorrhoid cases, incontinence, and other genitourinary related ailments.

Works on the natural contractions of the anal muscles massaging the inner core to reduce or eliminate hemorrhoids.

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