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Hemorrhoid Treatments Planned Guide’s

Hemorrhoid Treatments self massaging units. Not usually dangerous, hemorrhoids can be acutely painful, and restrict one’s activities. After all, affecting their quality of life. The primary cause of hemorrhoids is pelvic floor weakness. Which also leads to several other problems. Among them, erectile dysfunction and prostate conditions. To strengthen these muscles and prevent hemorrhoids, experts came up with an ideal solution, the Peristal.

The Peristal Hemorrhoid Treatments are a self-massaging grouped devices designed for toning and conditioning the anal. With a step-by-step procedure, these devices help strengthen one’s anal muscles significantly. The hemorrhoids self-massaging technique allows the anal canal to naturally maneuver it to restore circulation. For optimal results, it’s recommended that you adopt the four step plan. This will incorporate four different-sized hemorrhoid treatments.

Hemorrhoids Beginning Treatment

The anal contains numerous muscles and nerve endings. So, to reach all the muscles, one is required to exercise starting with the largest models downwards. First, use the 22mm. After some regular exercising, your anal muscles will build and achieve greater control and grip the devices. This will then allow you to advance to the second step, using the 20mm. Eventually, you will be able to proceed to the 18mm, then to the 16mm. This will be the fourth and last step. Precisely, the four-step plan gives you a completed workout.

Benefits Using the Hemorrhoids Peristal Devices

The Peristal’s are simple sleek devices that was invented to promote anorectal and genitourinary health. By using this revolutionary device, you can tone and rejuvenate the essential inner anal area. By doing so, improve your lower pelvic health. These hands-free devices instigates effective peristaltic motions performing your self/massage of the anal region for hemorrhoid treatments. When used correctly.

Precautions When Using The Peristal For Hemorrhoid Treatments

To keep your device at its optimal condition, it is advisable that you:

. Wash it before and after each use with warm and soapy water or with (ANC) All Natural Cleaners.

. Lubricate it when in use but avoid manipulating it with your hands. Most note worthy, patients with extremely high hemorrhoid flare/ups are advised not to use it.


Usually, after a bowel movement, your rectum is left empty for an hour. This is usually the best time to cleanse your rectum before commencing your exercise. You can, therefore, use a rectal syringe with some warm water to clean. But, not using an enema solution. However, do this lying-down on your side. Keep your lower leg straightforward. Bring the upper leg to your stomach. You can change to complex positions with time.

To lubricate the anus, apply a sufficient amount of lubricant to the Peristal, using a lubricant applicator or your finger maneuvering it gently. However, remember that some lubricants may contain glycerin, which can cause an infection while using these for your hemorrhoid treatments.


You can begin by relaxing your anal. Then, gently insert the device up to its neck. Try avoiding the use of force. With a moderately intense contraction, allow it to fit into the anal canal. You can then tighten the sphincter slowly, and the Peristal will naturally begin going deeper. For those with a weaker sphincter muscle, lightly support the device with your finger while treating your hemorrhoids.

In this position, remain still and relax for about (5 to 10) five to ten minutes while still breathing deep. After mastering the steps, repeat the process. Experiment strength duration’s while changing positions. This will bring a continuous ‘push-pull’ effect, which is ideal for best results for hemorrhoid treatments. You can also add rectal pressure to the device, and then repeating the process as desired. When done correctly, the device will gradually begin to move by itself.


Being an exercise plan for hemorrhoids, they should only be used for minor to moderate hemorrhoids. Nonetheless, the exercises are ideal for maintaining and improving one’s health and can have additional benefits. In fact, as with any health equipment, ensure to consult your physician for consent of use.

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  1. Sissy

    Been having issues with hemorrhoids for years. Started using these just a few months ago and they help a lot. Not as uncomfortable as I thought.

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