Do Kegel Balls Work?

Kegel balls have been around for centuries. People use Kegal balls in their quest to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Stronger pelvic floor muscles come with many benefits such as enhanced sexual sensitivity and treating urinal incontinence. Given their function, Kegal balls have other names, including love balls, geisha balls and jiggle balls among others.

Kegel balls have shortcomings

kegel balls Excessive usage of Kegel balls may cause the reverse of what they are supposed to cure. For instance, you may think that exercising using Kegel balls more will yield better results, but this is not necessarily the case. Too much exercise will tire out the pelvic muscles and weaken them in the process. As a result, you become unable to control urine flow from your bladder – a condition that probably led you to Kegal balls in the first place.

What Other Options Can You Explore

There are several other better pelvic exercise options available. One of them includes the use of vaginal weights. They standout difference between these weights and Kegel balls is the shape. Vaginal weights are cone-shaped, whereas Kegel balls are spherical. The cone shape is comfortable inside the vagina since it is a tube. The round shape of the Kegal balls can cause discomfort.

Vaginal Weights Vs. Kegel Balls

vaginal weightsHere are some more advantages that vaginal weights have over Kegal balls:
Vaginal weights offer additional weight options, unlike Kegal balls. For the latter, you must stick with one, and the only thing that you can adjust is the exercise duration. To change the weight, all you can do is add an extra ball.

Vaginal weights are the same as tampons, meaning it takes a short time to adjust to their presence. For Kegel balls, many women complain about the difficulty in adapting to having them in the vagina. They may also get stuck in some cases.
The shape of the vaginal weights allows them to focus on the precise muscles. They work out the entire length of the vagina unlike Kegal balls, which focus on the specific spot where they are. As a result, vaginal weights end up being more effective than Kegel balls.
By comparing all these parameters, vaginal weights are better than balls. Both may yield results but, in such issues, you always must go with the best. Vaginal weights are clearly the best between the two vaginal exercise devices.

vaginal weights


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