Vagina Weights - Why Size Matters Weightlifting

The vagina can do more than it was naturally meant to do. Some of the extra things it can do is lift weights. Yes, vagina weights are available and work to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Working mechanisms of the vagina weights is like that of kegel weights. It involves squeezing and lifting objects using the vagina. Doctors approve kegel weights, and they come in several different sizes and shapes.

What NOT To Use

There several options of vagina weights for women to use. They include silicone balls, and jade eggs, which are NOT the most popular vagina weights. Eggs and balls have a steel material with a plastic coating. Silicone balls are exactly what the name suggests, and jade eggs are oval-shaped stone weights.

How to Use - Vagina Weights

  1. Lying down is the best vagina weightsway to begin when using vagina weights.
  2. Take your time while in the lying position and try inserting the cone as directed in their respective instruction manuals.
  3. Always remember to have the thread (string) on the outside to make the removal process easier.
  4. Exhaling while relaxing the pelvic floor muscle is crucial because rapid contractions may cause orgasms. On the hand no contractions yield nothing.
  5. Be sure to take your time and add some small weight only when your muscles have adapted to the lighter weights. Do not push yourself too hard to injure your vagina.

Perfecting this exercise may take some time, but it is worth it. Benefits, while working with kegel weights, include correcting incontinence and vaginal prolapse by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.  Enhancing muscle strength, sexual intercourse can also become more enjoyable.

Why the Size Plays A Factor

Vagina weights are available in different sizes. The various sizes work better for some women more than they do for others. Getting overly-sized vagina weights relative to your vagina may cause some discomfort. For this reason, it is essential to pick vaginal weights that are the most comfortable for you.

How to Choose the Right Size For Your Vagina

To know the right size of vagina weights for you, check out these indicators:

  • Your tampon size (small, medium, or large)
  • Past vaginal delivery (large or medium)
  • Past C-section delivery only (medium or small)
  • Tight side-by-side fitting of two fingers; vagina (medium)
  • Space wider than two fingers; vagina (medium-large)
  • Tampons slipping out of position (large or medium)
Heavy Size Weights Can Hurt

If you experience the following while using kegel weights, then you may be using too much weight.

  • Discomfort accompanied by some pain
  • Tearing the vagina
  • Feeling overexerted

Eventually, you may end up hurting your inner vaginal core. Besides, to avoid these damages, always take your time to find the vagina weights that are right for you. Ultimately, VagaCare’s kegel weights advanced system is your solution to strong pelvic strength.

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