Vaginal Weights - Ultimate Weightlifting Guide To Pelvic Fitness

Vaginal weights are essential for pelvic muscle exercises. After giving birth, women may suffer from stress urinary incontinence. In addition, urine leakage normally occurs whenever they sneeze or cough. To solve this problem, exercising the pelvic muscles is an effective solution. The whole process involves inserting vaginal weights into the vagina. After inserting, contract the muscles to prevent the weights from falling.

How to

Most of all, the process of using vaginal weightsvaginal weights should be progressive. They involve numerous amounts of weights that are used for muscle building. Each time you succeed in holding in the weight for a period of time, move towards heavier weights. After all, vaginal weights do an excellent job in toning and strengthening the pelvic floor. And yet, results over time will also encourage you to keep doing the exercises for further improvement.

Pelvic Exercises And Vaginal Weights

For the first exercise routines involving vaginal weights, begin with the lightest weight. You can progress to heavier weights as your pelvic floor muscles improve in strength. Here are some simple steps to pelvic fitness with vaginal weights.

  1. Clean your hands thoroughly before handling the vaginal weights. Apply a bit of lubricant (should be silicone-free) to ease insertion.
  2. Lie on the floor and elevate one foot to prepare for insertion of the weight into the vagina.
  3. Insert the vaginal weight and ensure it’s all in except for the retraction string. The unit should not be any higher then the usual position of a regular tampon.
  4. Now, begin the exercise routine while lying on your side or back. In the meantime, your index finger should touch the lowest part of the weight. Start your contractions. You should feel the weight move inwards slightly.
  5. You may also opt to perform the pelvic floor exercises while standing. Doing a pelvic floor standing exercise will take advantage of gravity resistance. Do standing pelvic exercises as soon as you can feel comfortable enough to try them.
  6. After some time, you should start training your pelvic muscles to lift and squeeze the vaginal weights alone. After the successful lifting of the vaginal weights, return them to their original position. Relax the muscle for a short while after every successful attempt.
  7. Most Important, clean your hands and vaginal weights thoroughly. Equally important, after each use. Follow the instructions that come with the vaginal weights to ensure perfection in the cleaning process. In fact, cleaning is the most essential steps, since the vagina is prone to various infections.

Steps for Strength Training

pelvic exerciseYou now know what pelvic exercises with vaginal weights entails. Here are rep guidelines on how to use vaginal weights for pelvic floor muscle strength training.

  • First, perform 10 repetitions of the pelvic exercises while taking brief pauses between each rep.
  • Additionally, these reps should make up one set. Complete three sets of the pelvic exercises in alternating days.
  • Second, apply strong pelvic muscle contractions now your more accustomed to the pelvic exercises.
  • Before long, use the heavier vaginal weights progressively as your strength increases.
  • It may require up to six months to get the optimal pelvic floor strength. Be sure to exercise regularly.
  • None of these steps should be uncomfortable. If you encounter any persistent physical discomfort, consult your physician.
  • As a matter of fact, do not use any device when you are pregnant. Recovering from surgery or childbirth. Suffering from pain in the pelvic area.

Besides preventing leakage of urine, stronger pelvic muscles also enhance sexual pleasure. Following these guidelines is the first step towards getting these benefits. Perform the pelvic exercises using weights regularly for best results. Furthermore, Vagacare® offers the best kegel weight program to assist you in exercising. By the same token, they offer a 30 Day money Back Guarantee. In addition, a Limited Life Time Warranty. Until now, no other brand offers this guarantee. Order your set Today! You have so much to gain with stronger muscles.

Generally Speaking, this information is not a substitute for medical advice.

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