Kegel Exercises for Pelvic Diaphragm Health

Kegel exercises are essential when it comes to strengthening the pelvic diaphragm (pelvic floor). These types of exercises are now popular among women and men, but are they as effective as people think? Yes, Kegel’s do play an important role in strengthening muscles. However, they should not be stand-alone exercises. We are going to delve deeper into what kegel exercises are and how they work.

What are Kegel Exercises:

Kegel exercises are a type of activity involving repeated kegel exercisingcontractions. The primary function of the pelvic muscles is to manage urination flow. Kegel exercises strengthen these muscles, which is essential for keeping incontinence away or enhance sexual responsiveness. Dr. Kegel, the gynecologist behind this type of exercise, also came up with a device that measures the pelvic floor strength many years ago. Ultimately, making the exercises more effective. Therapists world wide suggest the use of Kegel weights when doing the exercise.  These devices usually come in a cone shape. They offer a form of resistance to assist in kegel exercising and locating the correct muscles.

Here is how to go about Kegel exercising:

  • Get on the floor your side or back.
  • Squeeze and lift the muscles (as holding urine) around the anus and the vagina.
  • Now relax. This is considered a contraction.
  • Relax the muscles after the above routine, and that will be your first rep.
  • Repeat this routine for nine more reps. In these reps, keep hold of the muscle contraction for a little bit longer (five to eight seconds).

With longer holds, you will be enhancing your floor muscles. With improved strength and endurance, this will play a large factor in dealing with incontinence in the future. As an added advantage, it can also enhance the vagina’s responsiveness during sexual intercourse.

Using Kegel Cones for Kegel Exercising

Your muscles become stronger with resistance applied training when doing kegel exercises. Just like any other workout, you need some form of resistance for the muscles to build on. The cone-shaped cones are quite effective in making this kegel exercisespossible. You can use Kegel cones for strengthening the muscles with resistance training. The cones are available in sets of different weights. In kegel exercising, they work by enhancing your muscle contractions. During the kegel exercises, subjects start with the cone only. They should be able to stand and walk with the unit not falling out. The subjects can then progress to using a weight. Over time, add additional weight for development.

The Benefit of Doing Kegel Exercises

The floor muscles are in several layers connected in different directions. These muscles are complex and work in tandem to open and close the vaginal tube. The repeated contraction of the muscles during Kegel exercises eventually tightens the pelvic floor.

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