Pubococcygeus Muscle

Pubococcygeus MuscleEven though the pubococcygeus muscle can be found in both sexes, this is especially important for women suffering from urinary stress incontinence. Most of all, the hammock-like muscle stretches from the tailbone to the pubic bone and supports the pelvic organs. Kegal equipment and exercises are the primary methods that most physicians recommend for training the pubococcygeus muscle. Vaginal cones are a medical weighted device that is designed to work best for women. Vaginal cones play a vital role in training the pubococcygeus muscle in restoring bladder functions. 

What is a Kegel Exercise?

Most of all, kegel exercises are traditionally known as a pelvic floor exercise where repeated relaxing and contracting techniques are used. They are important because they make the pubococcygeus muscle stronger, support the bladder, and keep you from leaking. A pubococcygeus muscle also makes up part of the pelvic floor which is also known as the Kegel muscles. Kegel exercises can be done multiple times a day at different time intervals. Results can be seen in as little as one to three months. The benefit of Kegel exercises for men is reducing premature ejaculation. For women, especially after childbirth, the benefit is reducing urine leakage.

Benefits of Vaginal Cones for Training the Pubococcygeus Muscle
 Fast Results:

With just 15 minutes per day, you can feel the difference. Within one to three months, you will have a tighter and stronger pubococcygeus muscle. They make childbirth easier, improve bladder control, and provide a faster recovery time.

Custom Fit:

Vaginal cones are designed for a women’s vagina. Most of all, the weights come in different in size. This ensures a perfect fit while providing a challenging workout to gain the maximum benefit from training the pubococcygeus muscle.

Physician Recommended:

The Nations top leading physicians in the medical industry have recommended vaginal cones as the best device for training the pubococcygeus muscle. Physicians state that vaginal cones are comfortable and safe for women to use. Physical therapists who use Kegal exercise equipment, claim that kegel cones are the best medical devices for pelvic dysfunctions.

Body Safe Applications:

Vaginal cones for the pubococcygeus muscle is designed to be safe and comfortable for the human body. They’re medically graded for maximum safety, Hypoallergenic, BPA-Free, non-porous, and they don’t have any openings that can trap bacteria.

Different Weights:

The pubococcygeus muscle needs different weights for Kegel exercising. Now, women can select just the vaginal cone first. Then, start using a heavier weight as the pelvic walls strengthen. 

Kegel Exercise Conditioning for the Pubococcygeus Muscle

Once you have mastered the technique for strengthening your pubococcygeus muscle, you can change your vaginal weight. Just like in a real gym, supplementing weights for training the pubococcygeus muscle will tone your pelvic floor. Vaginal cones give your Kegel muscles a safe object to contract around, enabling the user to feel the weight being lifted and squeezed. Kegal cones provide weight resistance training, strengthen, and repair the pubococcygeus muscle faster.

Tips for Vaginal Cone Beginners
First, • Weight Placement

Placing your vaginal cone weight in the right place is very important. Place a finger on the pelvic floor inside of your vagina and tighten the pubococcygeus muscle. You should feel like your trying to stop the flow of pee and the Kegel muscles should contract around your finger. Place the weight so that it’s above this muscle and about 2 cm inside of your vagina. The pubococcygeus muscle is like a hammock inside of your pelvis and this is where you want to place the weight. It’s also important not to place the weight too high or too low as there will be nothing for the Kegel muscles to contract around.

• Find a Good Position

Gravity can be your worst enemy or best friend when doing a pubococcygeus muscle training workout. If you are just starting out with pelvic floor exercises, insert the weight while you’re in a reclined position. Once this becomes routine, you can sit up, stand, and walk around for more challenging exercises. Finding a comfortable position is the most important aspect of any Kegel exercise, so you can concentrate on what is going on below.

Third, • Start Off Slow

There are internet videos of women who can lift bricks with their pubococcygeus muscle with no problem; however, this is not recommended for beginners. It’s best to start by holding and contracting your pelvic floor for two seconds and relaxing at 2-second intervals. Once this method has been mastered, you can try to hold your contractions for a longer rate. Slowly increase your intervals and weights for maximum results to strengthen your pelvic floor. 

Final Considerations

In summary, you now have the basics of what a vaginal cone is used for? It’s time to take your game to the next level and buy a vaginal cone exercise kit. Set yourself with realistic goals and slowly graduate to exercising your pubococcygeus muscle while taking a shower, dancing or household chores. Are you suffer from urinary stress incontinence? Ultimately, vaginal cones are the best solution available.

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