Male Urinary Incontinence Clamps for Mild to Severe Leakage

male urinary incontinence clampsMale urinary incontinence is a condition in which the patient has no control over their bladder. It affects a significant number of people (both male and female) and can be embarrassing, especially in public. The seriousness of urinary incontinence as a condition that can range from mild triggered by sneezing or coughing to severe. In the case of severe urinary incontinence’s, an individual gets the sudden urge to urinate, and in most cases fails to make it to the bathroom or urinal on time.

Who Does It Affect?

Male urinary incontinence happens as people age but does not have to be permanent. There are ways to keep its symptoms at bay. Treatment or some lifestyle changes can go a long way in stopping male urinary incontinence or eliminating the discomfort that comes with this condition. Other groups of people facing the risk of urinary incontinence include people with diabetes, obese individuals, or men recovering from prostate surgery. You should consult a qualified medical practitioner as soon as you start exhibiting symptoms of male urinary incontinence. One way of dealing with incontinence involves the use of male urinary incontinence clamps. These clamps are easy to use and are very affordable.

Using Male Urinary Incontinence Clamps

Male urinary incontinence clamps are devices tailored for treating incontinence in men. Using urinary incontinence clamps involves placing one around the penis. After placement on the penis, male urinary incontinence clamps block urine flow. They eliminate the need for surgical procedures and drugs to deal. Male urinary incontinence clamps control when to urinate. Before urinating, you must release the clip on the clamp around the penis. Doing so releases pressure to allow urine flow into the toilet.

Using male urinary incontinence clamps are quite effective. In addition to their effectiveness, there comfortable to ware and small in size. They put pressure on the urethra, preventing the unintended flow of urine from the bladder. Some may worry about the force applied by the by the clamps hampering blood flow. The good news is that male urinary incontinence clamps do not affect blood flow if properly placed around the penis. These devices are the ideal replacement of absorbent briefs and adult diapers. Male urinary incontinence clamps are also unnoticeable, making them an ideal solution.

Recommended Male Urinary Incontinence Clamps

If you are looking for male urinary incontinence clamps, the following are ones that urologists recommend: 

Regain Penile Clamps
The male urinary incontinence clamps feature a unique design to ensure maximum comfort while using them. Their material (flexible plastic with soft foam) also focuses on making this possible. Regain Penile Clamps pass all the safety tests and have a reputation of being effective. They feature a hinge at the center, two arms, an elastic strap, and a control pad, which is the most important part. The control pad is what applies direct pressure on the penis to block the urethra. 

Dribblestop Penis Clamps
These male urinary incontinence clamps comes as a kit. Each kit has a couple of complete clamps, several links in different sizes, and an instruction manual. The build material includes medically approved plastic and soft foam. These clamps are also quite small to make them as discreet as possible. You might fail to notice the presence sometimes.

Considerations Before Choosing Male Urinary Incontinence Clamps

Consider the following criteria before purchasing a incontinence clamp:

  • Construction material – Foam and rubber pad are the most comfortable
  • Fitting – Go for one with the option to adjust the size
  • Locking mechanism
  • Maintenance – Some are disposable while others need regular cleaning
  • Weight – The lighter the clamp, the more comfortable it is
  • Discreetness – This feature is dependent on size. The smaller the clamps, the more discreet it is.

Always ensure that you buy male urinary incontinence clamps with foam pads. allow them to rest for at least a day before reuse. Doing so lets them regain their original shape for the best performance. Also, you should avoid using one clamp daily – alternate between different male urinary incontinence clamps to make them last longer. For disposable urinary incontinence clamps, do not overuse them. Replace them weekly or as soon as they lose tension or become dirty. You would not want to experience the embarrassment of a failing clamp when you are out.

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penile clamps

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