Kegel Equipment - Why Vaginal Cones Are Most Popular

  First of all, the most common Kegel equipment in the market is vaginal cones. The pelvic floor is one sensitive part of the body people want to maintain. This is why manufactures are coming up with different Kegel equipment to tighten and strengthen the muscles that support the uterus, bladder, rectum and small intestines. They are quite popular because they benefit women of all ages; from the young to those in their menopause stage. Here is a detailed look into vaginal cones and why they are the most used Kegel equipment for training the pelvic floor muscles.

Strengthen the bladder

Kegel equipment Ultimately, this is one of the main benefit you stand to enjoy when you use vaginal cones as your Kegel equipment. A good number of women experience leaks when they laugh, cough or sneeze. There are also those who are always in constant need to go to the washroom. Vaginal cones are the best Kegel equipment known to help strengthen the bladder.

This is all possible when the sphincter muscles are strong. The more the sphincter muscles are exercised the stronger the pelvic floor gets and this helps prevent incontinence. That can be achieved with the help of this Kegel Equipment.

The pelvic floor muscles are shaped like a basin. And so they hold all the important pelvic organs (uterus, bowel and bladder) in place. The muscle also supports the bladder to provide control. The cone shape of this Kegel equipment is convenient as the muscles hold the weight in place from the corners of the equipment. Consistent use of this Kegel equipment has proven to help women regain control over their pelvic floor and hence prevent leaks.

Improve sexual sensation

Vaginal cones are also popular among the sexually active women as this Kegel equipment helps improve orgasmic potential. What the devise does is to keep the pelvic floor activated to increase your sexual satisfaction and intense orgasm. The main cause of sexual related issues is a weak or damage pelvic floor.

Enhances vaginal lubrication

It is interesting how the vaginal cone is one Kegel equipment that has the power to improve vaginal lubrication. The weightlifting exercises achieved by the cones help improve the circulation in the vaginal canal. This is what enhances lubrication.

As a matter of fact, according to statistics, at least one in every 10 women experiences pain while having sex. Vaginal dryness is no doubt one of the main reasons why there is painful sex. Since most women don’t prefer artificial lubricators to seal the deal, they opt for vaginal cones as a way to naturally lubricate before intercourse.

Have control of your pelvic muscles during labor

Kegel equipment are known to help women have control over their pelvic floor muscles. But the vaginal cones do more than just that. They help women have an easy time during birth. They help straighten the muscles before pregnancy and help the mother during labor and delivery.

 Most of all, toning the vaginal muscles with the help of this Kegel equipment also minimizes two common problems known to pregnant women: hemorrhoids and decreased bladder control. 
With that said, you now understand why vaginal cones are the most popular Kegel equipment in the market. In conclusion, if you have never used Kegel equipment or planning to start, it is important to consult your doctor. Unlike other Kegel equipment, the vaginal cones have restrictions. You cannot use the cones during menstruation. In either case, be sure to talk to an expert first.

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