Kegel Weights Best Advanced Exercise System

Kegel weights play an essential role in enhancing the results of Kegel exercises. However, there not very effective without including some extra weight or resistance.

The kegel weights offered here are an advanced pelvic floor muscle exercise system. They come with a cone and different stainless steal weight variations in a very nice storage box. Ultimately, we have found the best system to suit your exercise needs. Together with, helping you mak a good choice, we are going to talk about one specific brand, VagaCare®.

VagaCare® Weighted Vaginal Cones

This brand of vaginal cones are kegel weightsthe best you’ll come across in the market. Now, VagaCare® Kegel weights are an excellent choice mainly because of their design. Unlike many kegel weights in the market, VagaCare® vaginal cones are just the right size. These kegel weights are neither too large nor too long, making their placement easy. They fit into the right vaginal region without causing any discomfort.

VagaCare® vaginal weights come with simple instructions, and the insertion process is as simple as inserting a regular tampon. Most of all, these kegel weights are interchangeable, meaning that you can add more weight as you get into the groove of exercising. Hence, using heavier weights as your pelvic floor muscles adapt to the exercises over time. Stepping up the weights is the most effective way to enhance these muscles.

How to Use Vaginal Cones By VagaCare®

  1. Remove the Kegel weights and cone from the carrying case and clean them thoroughly using antibacterial soap (use warm water).
  2. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse out the weights and cone and then dry using a soft cloth.
  3. Go over steps 1 and 2 each time you want to use the Kegel weights and the cone.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly and then close a cone without weights before pushing the cone into the vagina gently. While doing this, hold the cone at the string. You may slightly prop up one leg to make this process even easier.
  5. Once the cone is inside, you should be able to touch its bottom and should be in a lower position than a tampon.
  6. With your finger at the bottom of the cone, perform some kegel exercises. If done correctly, the cone should slide away from the finger. If it moves towards the finger, then you are doing it wrong.
  7. This may take some time to locate the right muscles. Hence, the importance of practicing daily. Once you hit the right muscles, the exercises will become more effective.
  8. After finding the right spot (may take a few days), insert the cone without any of the Kegel weights. Take a standing position and attempt holding onto the cone using the pelvic muscles.
  9. If you succeed in step 8 without any complications, you can take out the cone and add the center weight. After adding the lightest of the Kegel weights, close the cone.
Lets continue

kegelsWith the cone containing one of the Kegel weights, you can now begin with the actual exercise. Lift the cone up by tightening the pelvic muscles and hold for at least five seconds or slightly more. Let the cone reposition itself and then repeat the muscle-tightening routine for around 20 minutes.

Do this twice per day for four days a week. As a matter of fact, if it becomes too easy to perform, you can step up to heavier Kegel weights. You then need to move around to learn how to stay in control. At this point, you should not feel any discomfort during these exercises. After some time, you will start seeing actual results. At this stage, you can work with the heaviest of the Kegel weights.

Precautions While Using VagaCare®

  • Buy the way, always examine each element (cone, string, Kegel weights) before use.
  • It is best to exercise with lighter Kegel weights in the evening because muscles are usually tired at this time of the day.
  • In particular, avoid using VagaCare® cones with or without the Kegel weights in these situations: pregnancy, menses, after or during sex, with a tampon, if you have a vaginal infection, with a vaginal diaphragm, or when there is vaginal prolapse.

Seek your physician’s guidance whenever you have any concerns.

VagaCare® vaginal weights easily stand out from the rest. They are more user friendly, and the program is applicable virtually anywhere at any time. Wherefore , uers can do the exercises as they jog or do their daily duties around the house.

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